Envision AESC to supply battery cells for BMW’s next-gen EVs

BMW says its next gen cylindrical battery cells Charged EVs | Envision AESC to supply battery cells for BMW’s next-gen EVs

Japanese battery manufacturer Envision AESC has formed a new multi-year partnership with BMW to supply battery cells for the automaker’s next-generation EVs.

Envision has committed to invest in a new 30 GWh battery manufacturing plant in South Carolina, which it says will be powered by “100 percent net zero carbon energy.” The company is currently searching for a suitable site close to BMW’s existing vehicle production and battery assembly facilities.

Envision already has a battery plant in Tennessee, and another under construction in Kentucky, with a combined capacity of 70 GWh.

The new plant will feature “net-zero system solutions,” including renewable energy generation, energy management systems and battery recycling. The company says it will source critical battery components such as cobalt, lithium and nickel from certified mines, providing full transparency of extraction methods and ensuring responsible mining.

“We are delighted to partner with BMW Group as part of the next stage of growth of our US business,” said Envision AESC CEO Shoichi Matsumoto. “Our new 30 GWh battery plant in South Carolina will harness state-of-the-art technology to create denser, lighter and more powerful batteries.”

“The new round cell specially designed for the electric architecture of our next-generation models will allow us to improve range [and] driving performance and reduce charging time,” said BMW Board Member Joachim Post. “Both our companies are firmly committed to sustainable, environmentally responsible action.”

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